Saturday, 11 December 2010

SuperGIS Applied to Recreation Potential Analysis Model

SuperGeo integrates GIS technologies with an analysis model for recreation potential analysis considering various resources and environmental protection. The related sectors can apply the research outcome when choosing suitable spatial range for potential natural and recreation sites by using SuperGIS.

To strike a balance between conserving natural environment and resources, as well as satisfying the public’s need for recreation is always a challenge. In order to find a solution, SuperGeo develops a project to assist the related authorities in choosing the potential natural and recreation sites.

The project aims to do the related analysis and integration comparisons of estimated values of diverse resources through the establishment of Recreation Potential Analysis Model for Natural Recreation Site. Accurate and rigorous data can then be produced as important references to select the most suitable recreation site.

The project employs SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst, the extension of SuperGIS Desktop, to assist the related staff in doing the statistics and estimation of natural recreational resources, landscape resources, and creature resources within the study area. On the contour maps, the spatial distribution of each estimated value can be displayed. Therefore, the staff can clearly find the spatial range suitable for the recreation area.

The extent of the project covers Taiwan Zhong-gan river mainstream and its three branches. The staff selects three to five sampling sites at each river area for the recreation potential survey.

During the modeling process, the planners should respectively transform the obtained estimated values into grey relational coefficients of creature data, recreation potential, and landscape evaluation. The planners can then use these data for advanced analysis. After the estimated maps are completed, the proper area for recreation area plans appears.

SuperGIS software helps the related authorities calculate the estimated values objectively and precisely. The researchers can clearly understand the spatial distribution of each estimated value by mapping. The results are also important references when the government units develop recreation sites in the future.

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