Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How the World Uses Cellphones

More people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) own cellphones than those in the US, according to this infographic designed by Wilson Electronics.

The infographic, titled The Shocking Demographics of Cellphone Use, dispenses a few lesser-known facts about those gadgets we use on a daily basis. For example, while the average person in the UAE owns 1.95 phones, the average American only owns 0.87 phones.

Some other strange facts: 15% of Americans answer phone calls during sex, and 10% of those under 25 think that it’s acceptable to text while having sex.

In total, Americans use approximately 6.1 million minutes per day talking on their cells—this equates to about 21 minutes per person. And texting is also on the rise—in 2009, a total of 4.1 billion texts were sent in the US, compared to 5 billion this year.

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