Monday, 6 December 2010

Loqate Launches Worldwide Geocoding Solution

Loqate, the specialist in global location data announces the launch of a new worldwide geocoding software solution.

Covering over 240 countries, Loqate provides rooftop, street, city, or postal code level geocoding for almost any address or location around the world.

“This new solution is revolutionary in two ways,” comments President/CEO of Loqate Inc, Martin Turvey. “ Our advanced parsing and address verificaton engine enables us to obtain geocode matches on even the very worst data, including non-Roman alphabet based languages. Secondly, the worldwide coverage at the level of granularity provided by the solution, all through a single interface, is completely unique.”

“Geocoding is playing an increasingly important part in many businesses”, adds Loqate’s VP of Sales, Liat Perlman. “From traditional data quality markets, through freight and transportation, GIS and mapping, insurance risk assessment and more recently, the massive growth of Location Based Services, being able to pinpoint an accurate location of an address is core to so many business processes.”

The Loqate Geo-data Engine is available as a developer’s toolkit for integration into a wide variety of applications and business processes and is designed to run on most operating system platforms.

Loqate’s solution will soon be available in a Software as a Service model.

About Loqate

Loqate provides international addressing and geo-location software solutions, enabling clients to make better use of their data in areas such as data quality, direct marketing, fraud detection, insurance risk assessment, transaction monitoring, logistics & supply chain, online payment processing, as well as GIS, mapping and location based services. Using a combination of advanced algorithmic analysis and comprehensive reference sources, Loqate can identify, verify, correct and enrich geographic related client data, adding valuable information to increase its value. Loqate solutions are global, covering over 240 countries around the world - every populated world territory.

Loqate is based in Redwood City, CA, and operates through a number of strategic partnerships throughout the world.

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