Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Can Really Simple Map Visualisations Change A Business "Just Like That"?

If you checkout the Zubed.com website you will see that our entry level product has recently hit the market and is available as a trial version. A Sales Director of a fairly large IT Consulting operation subscribed to the trial and also requested a demo before he took the product for a test drive.

He had already prepared some test data in CSV, always a great start, and the data pertained to Government Consultancy Contract Terminations and the locations of his consultants, that were being terminated. He also had a set of data that was his archived requirement data i.e. the locations of all his previous consultancy requests both government and private company.

Within 10 minutes he was able to upload both sets of data and pick individuals out and then plot matching requirements to these consultants based on similar skill sets. It was one of those jaw dropping moments, he turned to me and said "thats pretty neat"!

Since then these guys update their data every day and have rolled the "cube" out to all the sales managers  who now appear to be using it for hands on management ie why have you not called etc.


"Can Really Simple Map Visualisations Change a Business Just Like That"?

I guess so!!

The Zubed trial tool can be found here:


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