Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Why start a blog?

Every day I get links to different companies and people who are doing clever things in the Location Intelligence and Semantics space. Almost always I read the articles, blogs or websites and emerge looking bewildered! Why?

Simple, some of the work Zubed has been doing over the last couple of years in both camps is so far ahead of the pack that we have gotton use to where we are and think its the norm. So Ian why bewildered? So much is written about the Semantic Web, Post & Neo GIS, new advances in searching and ways to display data! Ways & methods that we were working with years ago! So is Zubed the best kept secret in this space?? We may be but I need to find the lid to Zubed's secret Pandoras Box and let others into our little piece of techno heaven.

I will start to showcase some of the techno explosions that we, day in day out, detonate within our customer base. Here is a quote, made during a demo of mapped MATCHED unstructured data, from one of the top technologists in the British Intelligence Services:

"This is light years ahead of where we are! My head is spinning just considering the possible opportunities"!

Imagine technology that semantically parses unstructured data, understands the content and context it is written, extracts useful components like location and then enables this unstructured data to be MATCHED....yes MATCHED not searched against....with target data also in unstructured form. Results delivered via a map, if you like!


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